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The New Brunswick Association of Naturopathic Doctors (NBAND) is the provincial association for qualified naturopathic doctors in New Brunswick. To learn more about the NBAND, or to find a naturopathic doctor near you, please refer to the menu.

Objectives of the New Brunswick Association of Naturopathic Doctors:
  • To educate the public on the philosophies and values of Naturopathic Medicine and to promote the profession within the province.
  • To provide up-to-date and accurate information as it pertains to Naturopathic Medicine.
  • To maintain consistent standards in membership, and practice for the protection of public interest.
  • To unite our profession within the province of New Brunswick.


Upcoming Events


September is National Arthritis Awareness Month - A Naturopathic Doctor has treatment options to help you


September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month- see your Naturopathic Doctor for prevention and treatment options 




Watch the video on our "About" page to find out how a Naturopathic Doctor can help optimize your health.

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Our association, founded in 2001, has grown to include eighteen members, which includes a representative to the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).
Our current focus is to accomplish professional regulation by the Province of New Brunswick. We wish to clarify that we are currently seeking Title Protection as a first step toward professional regulation by the province. This action will safeguard the public, as well as the profession.

Naturopathic medicine is a comprehensive and holistic approach to improving health and treating illness in patients of all ages.  It is the art and science of disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention using natural therapies and substances.  Naturopathic medical treatments can be used effectively on their own or complement conventional medical treatments. A Naturopathic Doctor blends modern clinical sciences with traditional healing practices.

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New Brunswick Association of Naturopathic Doctors